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WV MetroNews Why the Red Zone Has Become a Dead Zone for the West Virginia Offensive

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – The Texas Tech attack in the red zone of West Virginia was almost too serious to be true.

"We have not done a very good job in the 20's," said WVU coach Neal Brown. "If you enter a game that scores, you must score in the red zone."

Arrived Saturday, the Red Raiders had one of the most porous defense systems in the red zone of the country. The opponents had scored 88.8% of their trips inside the 20-yard line, making Texas Tech the 112th country in the category.

Apparently, nothing corrects what makes a tough defense such as this year's WVU offensive suffer.

After Saturday's game, Texas Tech jumped to the country's 50th place in the red zone defense. For such a late match, producing such a big jump is almost inconceivable.

It could have been even worse.

Without a late touchdown without meaning for WVU, Texas Tech would have jumped to 45th place in the country. Another training in West Virginia ended with Texas Tech 22, which is not counted in the red zone count, even if it should.

We broke down the film to see where things were going wrong for mountaineers during their five unsuccessful trips inside the 25th.

First quarter

Result: Casey Legg 30 yard mark

Although it was nice to see Legg get his first career goal, it was a game in which everyone knew that orders ending in 3 points were not going to end.

Where it went wrong

Three pieces are present, starting with the one that propelled the mountaineers in the red zone.

George Campbell performed a 50-yard reception from Austin Kendall, but had to go back to get it. If Kendall strikes him, it's a touchdown. Even though he said that the scarf he had worn on his throwing hand since the Missouri game did not affect his throws, games like this one and several others make you wonder if it's not exactly the truth.

The first Texas Tech 7 run in West Virginia set the tone for coaching failure.

Three Red Raiders literally swarm in Kennedy McKoy as he lands a Kendall draw transfer. With seven Raiders on the line of scrimmage, this game is a touchdown if McKoy can reach the second level with a good block. Perhaps Neal Brown can not be faulted for calling early in the game to find out if the Montagnards could get a boost against a disappointing defense. It turns out that they could not.

Another recurring problem is that Winston Wright drops the ball on a cross pattern. Wright would not have scored, but the Mountaineers would have had a more manageable situation than winning 13 yards on the third and the point, if he held.

Second district

Result: Turnover on the bottom

Brown realizes that he was already 35-10 winner at the end of the first period, so it's pointless to attempt a back-and-forth placement on a fourth and six of the Texas Tech 22 and is trying to get the first try .

Where it went wrong

Another 50-yard pass should have been more. The attack opened with a 51-yard pass between Kendall and Sam James, but that could have resulted in a 94-yard touchdown if James did not have to adjust for a balloon too full of air.

However, this record is not officially cast before a terrible match in the 3rd and 6th.

Kendall has to adapt to a loud snap, then has a case of poor communication with receiver Isaiah Esdale. Esdale seems to follow a wheel route that should score a touchdown, but Kendall expects him to make a comeback, which will result in a throw away from the goal – so bad that it eliminates a possible interception.

It's unclear which player was wrong in the game, although based on how the game evolved, Kendall is the most likely culprit.

Third quarter

Result: Turnover on the bottom

Once again, West Virginia has no reason to attempt a 25-point setback in the first possession of the second period. The disc breaks down on fourth and sixth place Texas Tech 11.

Where it went wrong

The fourth duel game starts badly, as mountaineers are forced to lose a time out before falling behind the game due to a neglected replacement. This is the harbinger of a piece that a mountaineer does not really know what he is supposed to do.

Brown selects the right game for a touchdown, but gets an incomplete result while tight end Jovani Haskins and wide receiver Ali Jennings collide at the bottom of the end zone. Incredibly, the play ends with Jennings – a real freshman – who tells the junior of the red Haskins shirt where he should go.

Granted, Haskins did not practice as much as Jennings this season due to injury. But it's still a bad look for a player who has been the team's most disappointing player in 2019, both on the field and away.

Result: Interception

In a moment of desperation, Brown calls a chip from Texas Tech 17, who took his chance. He was eliminated in the end zone.

Where it went wrong

It starts with the call to play.

"We were fishing," Brown said. "Was it a good phone call? No, because it did not work. But we were 0-iron in the red zone at this point. We were just fishing for something.

The execution is not very good either.

Rather than hitting a Jennings openly, Kendall engages James in a triple cover. As a result, his destination after this game is the bench.

Fourth trimester

Result: Turnover on the bottom

The Mountaineers reach the 2-yard line before the practice is erased on three consecutive games.

Where it went wrong

On the second run, quarterback Jarret Doege passes the ball on a reading option. According to what he sees, it's the right idea. There is a big hole in the end zone. The problem is Jordyn Brooks, of Texas Tech, is the fastest linebacker among the top 12 players. Brooks catches Doege for a 2-yard loss.

Before the third try, West Virginia uses another timeout just before the end of the period. Once again, the opportunity to discuss does not make any difference, the training ends with back problems.


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