Photo: Jan Woitas / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa

The Family Improvement Act excludes those most in need of financial relief. Contrary to what Olaf Scholz said, the law passed by the Federal Cabinet once again does not think of everyone. Families with Hartz IV benefits do not get anything from the child benefit increase, because the 15 euros more per month are fully counted towards social benefits. Single parents were also not taken into account, the raised child benefit is counted towards the maintenance advance. And this is despite the fact that they too are particularly often affected by poverty.

The decision to raise child allowances in income tax is also unfair. Families with higher incomes remain preferred. It fits that the federal cabinet has raised the limit for top and rich tax rates. The focus of the Family Relief Act should have been on low-income and unemployed families. This is how you could have fought child poverty. Instead, the existing social inequality is further cemented. All in all, a law that does not even come close to the right to family relief and leads to even more exclusion.