Writer Suhail El-Deeb turns his last page

The Union of Arab Writers and Cultural Circles mourned the writer and novelist Suhail El-Deeb, who passed away yesterday evening at the age of 69, after he spent his cultural journey in journalistic work alongside writing stories, novels and poetry, and reflected many realistic concerns at various levels.

Al-Deeb began to lean towards poetry first, then he fell in love with the novel, coinciding with the occurrence of the Qana massacre in Lebanon. The poet’s sense exploded in his conscience to write a poem that took half the volume of his first collection, “The Wedding and the Bitch”, and published it in Al-Thaqafah newspaper by Medhat Akash in 1985. He remained an amateur and did not become interested in literary creativity until after his retirement from work. A journalist in Tishreen newspaper, where he participated for the first time in the Al-Mazraa competition in As-Suwayda with a story entitled “The Writer and the Policeman,” which won first place, so that he could admit to himself that he is a storyteller and start writing in the story, then the novel, and reduce poetry, which remained a hobby in which he expresses a certain emotional state.

In 1985, his career began with a story that he started with a story about American practices in Libya and an air strike, then he stopped writing for a while and traveled to America, where he participated in a competition in which he won first place for his story “The Writer and the Policeman.” Then he printed a collection of short stories with the same title.

And with every new intellectual work, Al-Deeb proves that the creator is the son of his environment and his pen is the mouthpiece of her condition, as the entirety of his works were not far from what is going on, but rather from the heart of the event, such as the stories “The Winds” and “Death and Resurrection” in addition to the first two novels bearing the name “Adultery” in which he talked about love in a time The war is to celebrate the lovers of the homeland and denounce those who sold their homeland cheaply. As for his second novel, “Sins,” which he signed as part of the activities of the 31st International Book Fair at the Al-Assad National Library in Damascus in 2019, it is considered a second part to the first, in which he tried to build the dreams that were destroyed by the war to complete the trilogy with the novel “A Rebellious Woman.” In 2021, he had another novel entitled “Memories from a Time.”

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The writer Al-Deeb, a member of the Arab Writers Union, wrote in Tishreen newspaper as an auditor and editor, in Al-Akhbar newspaper, in the periodicals of the Arab Writers Union, and others, in a literary style that combined reality and imagination and presented it in a sarcastic manner to be close to the recipient.

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