WOW effect haircuts: rejuvenate, illuminate and stylize the face

WOW effect haircuts: rejuvenate, illuminate and stylize the face

And new haircut it can be an ideal way to start a new season. In these unusual times that we are having, it can be very tempting to go to the hairdresser’s salon and have a radical cut, such as a shaggy cut or a short pixie cut. Before picking up the phone to make an appointment, we recommend that you analyze these WOW effect haircut that will give a lot to talk about this season.

These are fresh and stylish proposals seen on the catwalk that provide a radical and flattering makeover. The best? That all these cuts are trending in 2023, so run to the hairdresser.

What are the cuts that take the most this 2023?

As in fashion, haircuts are governed by trends and each season some stylistic lines predominate. If we look at the proposals of those who know the most about hairdressing, we come to the conclusion that in this 2023 all kinds of long hair are worn, but especially short hair and shoulder-length hair.

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Very short haircuts are characterized by having very defined edges, with very marked layers, such as the shaggy or the bob. They are two very different cuts, but in which the aggressiveness of the very marked lines predominates.

As for bob cuts, they come in all lengths, from the mini bob, close to the jaw, to the long bob or the clavicut cut that frames the face and highlights the features. Shaggy and mullet cuts are especially flattering for wavy hair, because you can get the most out of the shape of your hair.

Mixie Haircut

But if you are one to wear long hair, although the 90s-style xl hair is not what is most popular, we will see haircuts at shoulder height. They will be cuts with a lot of movement and in which the shape is defined with fixing products and molding devices.

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What should I keep in mind when getting a haircut?

  • the features of your face. Every good stylist, when you propose a cut, before getting down to work, will analyze your features to see if you will be favored with the design that you have explained. In any case, it will carry out an adaptation process, because each face is different.
  • your hair type. Each hair responds in a different way to a cut. Therefore, if your hair is fine, frizzy easily or wavy, you have to take it into account before cutting your losses.
  • Your willingness to care. There are haircuts that require more care at home than others and more work when styling. For example, it is likely that a very mini bob cut requires ironing every time we wash our hair, do you have the time to invest in this? You should think about it before deciding.

WOW effect haircuts

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