After encouraging results with the first corona vaccines, scientists see it as the most powerful weapon against the corona pandemic. But how long could a vaccine dose offer protection?

Experts consider vaccination to be the most effective measure against corona. However, multiple vaccinations will probably be necessary, said Clemens Wendtner, chief physician at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases at Munich Clinic Schwabing. “It could also be the case with a Covid 19 vaccine that you have to be vaccinated regularly, just like with the influenza vaccination.”

An effective vaccine remains great hope in the fight against Covid-19. “The only illusion you have to take is that vaccination against Covid-19 lasts a lifetime,” Wendtner said. “It is not uncommon for vaccinations not to last for years, but to be refreshed regularly.”

Vaccination against flu lasts for several months

At Influenza immunization should last for a few months – that is enough to be well prepared for the annual flu season in winter. A certain summer effect can also be seen at Corona: heat and UV radiation somewhat contained the virus. “You should see what vaccination can do for all of us,” said Wendtner, and with a view to the longer-lasting consequences: “Anyone who Covid-19 has been through is a warning example of vaccination opponents. “

Experts expect an approved vaccine at the earliest in the course of the coming year. “So patience and understanding for the important protective measures of each individual are still required,” said Wendtner. The first nationwide corona patients were treated at the Munich Clinic Schwabing in January.

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