‘Would be braver if Ajax permanently embraces the old logo’

David Endt is enthusiastic about the fact that the old logo will return once on the Ajax home shirt. It was also time, the former team manager of the club believes and he still does not understand why the old logo ever disappeared from the shirt.

Ajax communicated that the temporary change was a gesture to the fans. Last season they could not cheer their favorite club in the stadium and therefore their wish would have been fulfilled. ‘A fallacy’, Endt said to the General Newspaper. ‘Much more than wisdom and expertise, the choice for a new logo stems from the urge to innovate. A clever marketing ploy. It would be much braver if Ajax permanently embraces the old logo again. Then you really make a gesture.’

Endt still does not understand the real reason for changing the logo in 1990. ‘However stylistically beautiful the new logo is, I completely missed the need for the change. Hence the annoyance that always remained within the supporters. When traditions are touched, the supporters’ heart revolts.’

Marketer Bob van Oosterhout understands the adjustment the club made a lot better at the time. ‘If you don’t modernize as a company, you will irrevocably lose your bond with your customers. It is no coincidence that almost all Premier League clubs regularly polish their logos. This keeps them attractive for the new generation of fans. And with that for sponsors.’

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