World Ski Championships: Peeing in front of Kramer half-time sixth of the large hill

World Ski Championships: Peeing in front of Kramer half-time sixth of the large hill


The Norwegian Lundby and the Canadian Loutitt are ahead ex aequo in a wind lottery.

Today, -57 minutes ago

World Cup leader Eva Pinkelnig is sixth after the first round of the World Championships large hill competition in Planica. However, they are only 2.7 points behind on the medals. Directly behind her, but with a clear gap, Sara Marita Kramer was seventh. The Norwegian title holder Maren Lundby and Alexandria Loutitt from Canada took the lead ex aequo.

Not quite five points behind the duo was the normal hill winner Katharina Althaus (GER). Chiara Kreuzer (14th) and Julia Mühlbacher (17th) were already out of the running for top positions in a competition with strong shifting winds and large distance differences including compensation points.

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