World Cup from 2023 no longer only in Hawaii

Breaking a taboo in triathlon: From next year, the Ironman World Championships will be split and will no longer be held for both men and women in the legendary Hawaii venue. As the organizers announced, in 2023 the women will traditionally determine their world champion on October 14 in Kailua-Kona, while the men will start outside the Pacific island.

Where and when the men’s race will take place will be announced next January. Nice is being traded as the favorite for the location. 2024 must be exchanged, the men will then be guests in Hawaii again, the women must move.

The decision, which has long been rumoured, has led to harsh criticism among the top triathletes. “For me, the Ironman World Championship belongs to Hawaii. That’s where our sport was born, that’s where it belongs. Our sport thrives on the myth of Hawaii,” said former world champion Patrick Lange of the Hessenschau: emphatically. “That’s where our sport was born, that’s where it belongs.” For Lange, greed for profit is the reason for the “revolution”: “The cow will probably be milked until it drops dead.”

The race over the traditional distances of 3.86 km swim, 180.2 km cycle and 42.195 km run has been held in Hawaii since 1978, since 1982 under the name Ironman. The only exception so far: The World Cup in 2021, which was postponed due to the corona pandemic, was rescheduled for May 2022 in Utah.

In 2022 there were two World Cup editions, since October also started in Hawaii. The men’s and women’s races were held separately over two days for the first time. The event has been heavily criticized due to the rising costs for participants.

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