World conference started in Montreal, Canada

The fight against AIDS suffered a setback due to the corona pandemic. The world conference on the disease is now taking place in Montreal, Canada.

the essentials in brief

  • Because of Corona, the resources to fight AIDS were more limited than before.
  • Strategies and measures are now being discussed at the World AIDS Conference.
  • The UN had previously drawn attention to the slow progression of AIDS.

The fight against HIV and AIDS has stalled worldwide. Millions of lives are threatened. Strategies and measures are now being discussed at the World AIDS Conference.

Hundreds of experts, interested parties and those affected met on Friday in Montreal, Canada, for the World AIDS Conference. There they discuss strategies in the fight against HIV. Among the participants, for example, is the US immunologist Anthony Fauci.

The UN program to combat AIDS (UNAIDS) had already drawn attention to this in a report. The fight against HIV and AIDS has come to a standstill worldwide. In the past two years, significantly fewer funds than before were available to fight HIV and AIDS.

The Corona Pandemic is also responsible for this. In some regions where the number of new infections had previously fallen, they are now rising again; Millions of lives are threatened.

Situation to fight AIDS looks bad

At the World AIDS Conference, the scientists now want to take countermeasures. “Today’s situation doesn’t look good. We are losing the ground we have gained in the fight against HIV over the past 20 years.” That said the medical director of the aid organization Doctors Without Borders, Bern-Thomas Nyang’wa.

“If we don’t want to lose the fight against HIV, we must focus our efforts on those most at risk.” And the funding gaps must be closed immediately, he added.

After the 2020 conference had to be moved to the Internet due to the coronavirus pandemic, this time the meeting will be held again at least partially on site in Montreal, Canada, until August 2nd with speeches, discussions and question and answer sessions. The conference, which was held for the first time in 1985, is considered the world’s largest scientific meeting on the subject of AIDS.

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