World Championship: Ironman Hawaii does not have volunteers

Defending champion Kristian Blummenfelt and his rivals can only stock up every 2.5 kilometers in Hawaii.

“Volunteers wanted!” A week before the start of the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, a large advertisement in the local newspaper “West Hawaiian Today” indicates: There are not enough volunteers for the big event.

The lack of helpers is obviously a global problem this year. Certainly due to the fact that the World Cup will be held in Hawaii for the first time in two days, on Thursday and Saturday of the coming week (October 6/8). 8,000 volunteers are needed this year, the organizer Ironman is still looking for volunteers.

At the marathon, there is only an aid station every 1.6 miles

The first consequence of the lack of staff: the supply stations along the road are further distributed. Brad Culp, a columnist at Triathlete Magazine, tweeted what this means: “On the bike course, the aid stations will be every 10 miles instead of every 7 miles previously. In the marathon, the distances have been increased from one mile to 1.6 miles . It will be especially difficult for the slower athletes – and there are more of them than ever.”

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