In the summer months people are inclined to intensify their workouts, but to avoid damaging the muscles and wearing down the body, you need to take some simple tricks that avoid problems and allow you to achieve the desired physical shape.

Experts from Urban Fitness, a partner of Urban Sports Club, have identified the most common mistakes that you can commit when you train in the summer, also highlighting some false myths and providing the correct solution and the right approach for each “mistake” in order to better adapt your sports routine. First of all, avoid crash diets and overtraining.

The 8 most common mistakes

1) Neglecting hydration: in the summer it is necessary to pay even more attention to be able to carry out sessions in full vitality and avoid “collapses” of performance.

2) Don’t vary your fitness routine: if you want to achieve significant results, it is advisable to continuously stimulate the body by gradually increasing the loads, varying recovery times, number of repetitions and exercises. In fact, if the body gets used to the same routine, on the principle of conservation, it will tend to spend as few calories as possible.

3) Prefer overtraining: in this case the key words are slowness and constancy, otherwise the body balance risks being damaged, generating a cascade of physiological reactions that worsen the training picture and beyond.

4) Skip the heating: it is a fundamental step, it is good to warm up especially when training at high temperatures, because the losses of sodium and potassium increase the risk of muscle cramps and / or strains.

5) Stop training: it is advisable to keep your fitness routine constant and if you need to disconnect, consider a maximum of 2 or 3 weeks off so that the recovery is then more natural. The osteo-muscular compartment will thank you.

6) Opt for crash diets: severely reducing your calorie intake creates a sort of body shock, especially without the guidance of dieticians or nutritionists, risking the effect catabolism, or burn fat, but also lean mass, or muscles.

7) Worry about the scale hand: When you don’t see weight loss, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve failed. On the contrary, body recomposition often occurs in favor of greater muscle tone and a lower percentage of fat. In fact, a muscle can weigh up to 4 times more than fat.

8) Abandon the fight against cellulite: it is a long-term process, which involves a balanced diet, hydration and exercises related to the goal. It is a mistake to think that cellulite tends to get worse when doing muscle training with weights, believing that in this way everything “swells” more. After intense workouts, any inflammation and swelling are normal, but this improves the microcirculation.

The 3 golden rules

To train in complete health during the summer while preserving muscle mass and providing benefits to mind and body, the partners of Urban Sports Club have drawn up a golden trio of indications to follow:

Combine aerobic activity (running, brisk walking, biking) to muscle exercises, as the combination of different stimuli allows a more complete slimming and toning response.

Aerobic activity and balanced diet, to lose inches on the hips and abdomen.

Use an impedance balance, to check progress and in this way have more objective feedback on your state of form.