“Working as a coach is a salary of 40 thousand rubles, if you start from the basics. How can an aspiring skater survive?” Yuskov says – Skates/Short Track

Denis Yuskov would not like to work as a coach because of the low salary.

Today the skater announced his retirement from sports.

“What’s next? And I don’t really know. Working as a coach is, if you take it in a good way, if you start from the basics, a salary of 40 thousand rubles.

Seriously? The store has such prices … How is it even supposed that a novice specialist can survive? And I can teach you a lot.

Now I’m just looking for myself, I’m considering different options, I’m waiting, maybe there will be some ideas, suggestions. In general, this is a new story in my life – let’s see what it will be, ”said the three-time world champion in speed skating.



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