Work from home jobs in the United States that pay $20 per hour

In the United States, working from home is an option that is not limited to simple, low-paying jobs. In addition, it is an alternative in which collaborators save time and money

Work from home continues to increase in the United States, because with inflation growing by leaps and bounds, some companies have considered increasing job offers remotely, in order to help Americans cope with the situation.

According to an investigation carried out by the job offers site Ladders, with the “home office” the collaborators save time, fuel and have increased productivity. At the same time, they estimate that during the remainder of the year this modality will consolidate more. Currently, 92 million Americans work from home.

In this sense, an article published by La Opinion lists the five jobs where the salary is $20 per hour or even more:

1-Bilingual Customer Service Representative

One of the attractive remote job offers in the US is that of Bilingual Customer Service Representative, published in the Indeed job search engine.

Primarily, this position is based on assisting customers within the operating territory with inquiries related to utility bills, service orders, and emergency calls. Applicant must not reside more than 80 miles from any Columbia Gas of Virginia facility. Pay is $20 dollars per hour.

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2-Pharmacy Technician

For its part, Tabula Rasa HealthCare offers the Pharmacy Technician position, which involves working with patients, providers, and community pharmacists to ensure optimal treatment and reduce the risk of adverse events and drug interactions.

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The offer posted on the job search engine notes that the pay ranges from $18.38 to $23.28 per hour.

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3- Early Careers Client Success Associate

Other striking job offers from home are those published by UnitedHealth Groupan insurance company that is focused on helping people start their careers in health care.

Among the requirements that the company asks for are: a bachelor’s degree and more than three months of experience in sales, fundraising and customer service. The payment range is from $21.68 to $38.56 for Colorado residents, while for Connecticut/Nevada residents it is $23.94 to $42.40.

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4-Sales & Reservations Agent

This job is offered by U-Haul, a truck rental company. It consists of handling incoming calls from customers who need help with the company’s products and services, including quoting rental rates, changing reservations, answering general questions and accepting storage payments.

Meanwhile, the salary can reach $20 per hour, already with bonuses included, ensures the publication on Indeed.

5- Reimbursement Specialist

This vacancy is available at UPMC Health Plan and is full time from home. The job offer details that, among the activities to be carried out are: guarantee the accuracy of the presentation of claims and verify reimbursements.

In this regard, it is essential to have previous experience in emergency department coding and demonstrate good use of various software applications. Regarding the salary, it specifies that it is between $20 to $33.22 per hour, according to the resume.

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