Woody Allen: I will continue making films as long as someone wants to finance the films |  The EC Republic

Woody Allen: I will continue making films as long as someone wants to finance the films | The EC Republic

Woody Allen, film director. Archive Photo.

Barcelona (Spain), Sep 18 (EFE).- The New York film director Woody Allen, who this Monday presented his latest film, “Golpe de Luck”, coinciding with the first of the two concerts he will offer in Barcelona (northeast) with his jazz band, he affirms that he will continue making films “as long as someone wants to finance the films.”

In an interview with EFE, far from thinking about retirement, the 87-year-old veteran filmmaker says: “I have some ideas for new films and if someone finances them then I’m sure I’ll be tempted to make them, but someone has to pay.” to make them, to project them on the screen and that is not easy, but if that is the case, I will surely accept, because I have some very good ideas.

Without specifying whether any of these ideas could happen in Spain, the director of “Manhattan”, “Annie Hall” or “Match Point” confesses: “I would love to film in Barcelona again and work again in Spain, where I already did it.” I have done it in San Sebastián and I loved it, it is wonderful, the environment is fantastic.

Already at the last Venice festival he announced that he had “a very good idea to film again in New York, and if someone offered to finance me without asking too many questions, if some crazy person put the money on the table, I would do it.” He said ironically and making it clear that if he doesn’t film in the US it is because he can’t find producers there.

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“Blow of Luck” was initially planned as “a film about two Americans living in Paris,” but when he began to develop the story things became complicated because he needed more characters and that was when he thought about filming everything in French with French actors.

The fact that the filming was in French did not make him lose control over the final result, because “when an artist acts well, you know it and when he does it badly, too. The emotions are visible, that has not been difficult »and he also does not hide that filming in the French capital was a pleasure, «a city where I like to work, I am used to it, I know its vibration».

Asked about the parallels between “Blow of Luck” and “Manhattan Murder Mystery,” Allen admits that in both there are many of the themes of his filmography, those conversations around the table, the jazzy soundtrack, infidelity, death, the murder.

«Both films are similar, they take place in two large cities, there is a murder story in both, but the difference is that in the French one it is not strictly about murder, but about luck, and murder is a way of explaining the story, while in the New York movie the entire film revolves around the murder,” says the director.

It also differs from most of his work in the fact that “there is no comedy, it is a serious film”, to which he adds: “I have made fifty films and probably forty of them have been comedies, but from time to time “I like to make a serious film.”

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Playing with the title of this film, Allen sees “a stroke of luck” that the presentation of the film and his participation in the concert that inaugurated the city’s Jazz Festival coincided today in Barcelona.

“I wanted to play jazz with my band and I didn’t know when the film was going to be presented, only that it was premiering in Paris, but I didn’t know that it was going to be presented in Barcelona, ​​so it was a pleasant coincidence,” concludes the filmmaker. EFE

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