Women’s horoscope for the week from September 28 to October 4, 2020

October 2020 is a month that will require moderation in everything. The astrological picture of the next week is as follows: the influence of the planets will sharpen intuition, the ability to understand and feel the people around. That is why women need to listen more attentively than usual to their inner “I”: this week it will be tuned to a special frequency. The increased ability to empathize and heightened feelings are the best seasoning for creative pursuits and spiritual practices, according to the specialists of the dailyhoro.ru website, reports IA AmurMedia.

Aries woman

Aries women finally enter a fruitful period, which will give them bright days, new successes and long-awaited changes for the better. This is a week of growth, when it is necessary to formulate specific plans for the fall, to lay the foundation for future victories. Oddly enough, right now, many Aries may have depressive thoughts, a feeling of fatigue, a feeling of confusion or loneliness. The most undesirable reaction to such manifestations is infantile: you shouldn’t feel sorry for yourself and console with sweets.

Taurus woman

October is a month of hard work and responsible decisions. According to astrologers, the best moment is coming in order to clean up the rubble of started, forgotten, almost completed and other things that hinder progress. The editorial staff of the dailyhoro.ru website advises making a list of them and systematically solving them one by one, watching how the list gets smaller every day. Active labor exploits, alas, may not have the best effect on personal life. Signs of attention to a loved one, children and close relatives will help keep the swing in balance.

Gemini woman

The energies of the planets are active, but in work and important matters, you should not make sharp, impulsive decisions. Astrologers advise you to switch your attention to something else: someone close to you will probably want to unexpectedly provoke a conflict. If this happens, then in communication with Gemini women, diplomacy skills, as well as flexibility and the ability to find compromises, will come in handy. In general, now it will be better to take care of the house, family, comfort. If you start an unscheduled cleaning, you can not only free up space of clots of negative energy, but also find something very pleasant: a favorite thing missing in the depths of a closet, an important document or a family photo lost in a pile of papers.

Cancer Woman

The stars will raise a storm of activity around the representatives of Cancer, which will manifest itself in the abundance of calls, deeds, communication. The next 7 days will be filled with acquaintances, Internet correspondence, new plans. If a promising business appears on the way, then it’s time to take the initiative. Business proposals that seem boring and trivial can become a source of career success for the foreseeable future. But astrologers advise not to forget that, when starting something new, it is better to have support in the person of relatives and friends. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the family, especially to teenage children: the instability of the transition period can turn them into a walking bag of whims and misunderstandings.

Leo woman

This week it is good to take on those tasks and projects that can be completed before Sunday. Of the long-term processes, training, advanced training, training of talents, and mastering of new skills will be successful. For things to go well, it is important for Leo women to maintain fortitude and program themselves for success. In working matters, do not overlook the actions of others: you can only judge by deeds, not words. But in close relationships, there will be a strong sense of community between partners. During this period, you can unconditionally trust the words of a loved one.

Virgo woman

Virgo begins a streak of change, and any change, even for the better, causes stress. Astrologers advise not to rush into promises and decisions: it is worth letting the circumstances reveal themselves in all the details. If possible, you should slow down and look around: there is a danger of becoming a victim of deception or fraud. Every time, leaving the house, Virgos should turn to intuition. It is she who will prompt them at the right time to abandon the trip or not get involved in a dubious adventure. It is best to focus on the family now: close people will help you understand the whirlwind of different opportunities and events this week.

Libra woman

You need to be realistic in business, but this approach this week can severely slow down creativity. Don’t worry about everyday problems. If inspiration runs out, astrologers advise you to stop and give yourself time to just dream. The movement of change begins from silence, passivity, and contemplation. It is wiser to postpone trips on current, burning business to the second half of the week, devoting the first to personal needs and taking care of your well-being. The beginning of the week will be favorable for cosmetic procedures and other activities that will help emphasize the advantages and get rid of the shortcomings.

Scorpio woman

Luck will be on the side of those Scorpios who, under changing circumstances, will be able to remain true to their principles and decisions. Ideals are not just a beautiful word, but a guarantee of success and achievement of goals. It is they who inspire, contribute to the manifestation of personality, give strength and help change life for the better. All this is in theory, but if we ate to speak specifically, then the week is favorable for social life, negotiations, communication, new acquaintances. Scorpio women, confident in themselves and their words, will be able to convince and lead others around them. But close people, as well as aromatherapy, breathing practices, yoga, will help to take a break from work and worries.

Sagittarius woman

This week will be successful in terms of business, work, money. The previous efforts will finally begin to yield the long-awaited results. The planets promise to send a powerful whirlwind of opportunities that will pick up and carry through obstacles, difficulties, intrigues of envious people to previously unattainable goals. Successful acquaintances, promising offers, lucrative deals, and pleasant bonuses await the representatives of the Sign. According to the horoscope, this will be a great time to show ambition, strengthen your social status, expand your credibility and, possibly, replenish your bank account.

Capricorn woman

A week can bring unpredictable reactions, negative emotions and unpleasant consequences. According to astrologers, Capricorn women can start a rebellion: they want to protest against everything, contradict, go too far, provoke conflicts. It’s all about the stress that will be caused by the transition period. The first way of self-defense is the ability to manage emotions and set boundaries. If emotions run high, it is worth taking a break and breathing deeply. Astrologers advise to be in the fresh air more often, meditate more, look at the sky. Another way to defuse is to put things in order around: improve the house, buy beautiful things.

Aquarius woman

In October, a tailwind will blow in the back of Aquarius representatives, which will allow them to get off the ground with important, but long stalled affairs. The stars will bring calmness, perseverance, hard work, which will turn into a pouring rain of money by mid-October. The week promises sunny weather when solving any other important issues: luck will always be somewhere nearby. True, there are also dangers: Aquarius women who have not broken off energy ties can catch up with the past. The one who previously played an important role in it will burst into life again. Nostalgia for past love can be the beginning of a new relationship.

Pisces Woman

The energies of the planets will be active this week, so Pisces should not miss out on opportunities that will take concrete form from September 28 to October 4. Astrologers advise to act with new methods and be guided by bold thoughts – creative projects and the romantic sphere will bring a lot of joy. It is better for couples to postpone the discussion of common goals and start implementing them. True, the horoscope does not recommend taking care of how to please others and adapt to other people’s tastes. The most accurate assessment is your own sense of satisfaction and joy from the process. If this is not the case, it is worth reconsidering the priorities.