Women spied on: Facebook fires 52 employees

Facebook hat 52 employees fired – the majority of them are Men – because this gives you access to the User data abused to have. That goes from the new book “An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination” hervor. Several male employees are supposed to Location data caught up with women they were interested in or in a relationship with. Among other things, they also had access to private messages or deleted photosreports the Telegraph.

The book records several cases. One of them describes a European vacation of a Facebook employee with his companion. After an argument, she is said to have wished for some time for herself – she moved to another hotel. The man is said to have used her Facebook data to track her and to find her new location. He is said to have confronted the woman thereupon.

Employee follows woman in the park

In another case, an employee reportedly found out through the social media portal that the woman he was interested in was regularly in Dolores Park in San Francisco. One day he visited the park and came across the woman and her friends.

The majority of the employees would not have confronted the women, it is said. 52 employees were due to such excesses in the years 2014 and 2015 Fired – according to the former Chief Security Officer of Facebook, Alex Stamos, hundreds of other employees could have acted similarly and went unnoticed.

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