Women in Izmir Fire Truck Speak: ‘Ugly Slanders Have Been Thrown, We Are Getting Psychological Support’

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Women’s friends stated that Saniye Kılıç realized her childhood dream and said that they uploaded the video to their secret accounts, that they were stolen and spread, that unfounded, defamatory and insulting posts were made about them, and that the legal process was initiated.

What happened?

On May 30, Saniye Kılıç got behind the wheel of the fire truck and drove, while Makbule Özgün Kılıç and Dilay Güngör traveled by holding on to the back of the moving vehicle. After the images went viral on social media, the reaction poured in.

One firefighter was suspended in relation to the issue, and 3 people working in the Fire Brigade Department as contracted personnel of the municipality company were sent to the company they are affiliated with and a disciplinary investigation was initiated against them.

It was stated that the fire truck in the center was used for training purposes, not for firefighting.

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“My childhood dream”

Saniye Kılıç, Makbule Özgün Kılıç and Dilay Güngör made the first statement after the incident. gaveHe did it.

Saniye Kılıç, who used the fire truck in the footage, said that they went to visit a friend who worked in the center on the day of the incident and they were sincere.

Kılıç stated that they know that Toros Fire Training Center is a training area for firefighters and can be visited by everyone. “We had dinner with our friends at the fire department and drank coffee. During the conversation, I explained that driving a fire engine or an ambulance was my childhood dream. I insisted on my friend who worked there. Then I realized this dream under the control of my friend. Then we left. A day later, first on social media and then in the media. a lot of inaccurate information started to spread” he said.

“Very ugly slanders have been made,

Expressing that they were surprised by what was said about them and that they were slandered, Saniye Kılıç continued as follows:

“We shared the images on our own social media accounts, but our accounts were hidden, those with our permission could see it. In other words, we did not share on TikTok as claimed. The images were stolen from our accounts and brought to the agenda with false information and news. The clothes on me were iced, it was intended to create the perception that we were naked in the vehicle. We burned a barbecue. It has been claimed that we drink alcohol, use drugs, and even engage in prostitution. We have been subjected to insults and threats. Very ugly slanders have been thrown. We all have a life, family, friends. We have complained about those who slander, make fake news, threaten and swear. O “There are many security cameras in the area and we asked for these recordings, we will be behind our case. If the people in this video were men, it wouldn’t be so hot.”

“We get psychological support”

Makbule Özgün Kılıç, who stated that they had a hard time after the video spread on social media and media, said. “When we woke up in the morning, we saw the videos we took on television and social media, and we were all insulted. We have received harassment and threatening messages. Because we were 3 women, sexist insults were made. Those who watched the video and news recognized us when they saw us, ‘Aren’t you firefighter girls?’ they ask. We had problems at our workplace. We were told that we published this video to become famous. If we had such a purpose, we would not have closed our accounts after the incident. We are going through very difficult days and we are receiving psychological support” said.

Dilay Güngör also expressed her sadness about what happened, “As my friend fulfilled his childhood dream, we also shared his happiness. We’ve never been in traffic anyway. Then the reactions and insults began to come. Stones were thrown on us by people. We’re sorry because we didn’t know things would come here. It was a very childish affair.” said.

Lawyer Asil Kocaçınar stated that they complained about threatening and insulting messages, “We started the legal process as a result of being exposed to insults and other messages with criminal elements, which were shared on different channels on social media. We will fight to the end legally so that those who commit these crimes receive the necessary punishments.” said.

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