women affected by menstrual disorders invited to declare them

Multiple testimonies evoke the appearance of disorders after an anti-Covid vaccination, but the health authorities have not yet established a cause and effect link.

Women affected by menstrual disorders that appeared after vaccination against Covid-19 are invited to declare them, the Medicines Agency (ANSM) said on Tuesday, in a context of uncertainty about a direct link between vaccines and these troubles.

Menstrual disorders declared after vaccination with an mRNA vaccine, namely those of Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, have been the subject of careful monitoring at national and European level since their detection, recalls the agency.

More than 10,000 declarations of cycle disorders reported

As of April 28, the regional pharmacovigilance centers have analyzed 9381 declarations of cycle disorders reported with the Pfizer vaccine, and 1557 with the Moderna vaccine, reports the ANSM. The majority of these declarations were made by the patients directly, specifies the agency. By this date, 58 million injections had been made in women with the Pfizer vaccine, and 12 million with that of Moderna.

The Medicines Agency invites women to declare menstrual disorders that have appeared after vaccination on the portal of the Ministry of Health, by providing “the most detailed information possible in the declaration form”.

It has posted a declaration assistance guide online as well as tutorials for patients and healthcare professionals. The elements collected must allow “the regional pharmacovigilance centers to carry out their evaluation of the declared cases in the most efficient way possible”, she indicates.

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