Woman Throws Dog Off Florida Apartment Balcony During Argument With Ex-Partner

Clearwater, FloridaA 46-year-old woman was arrested on animal cruelty charges after throwing a three-year-old pug from a seventh-story condominium balcony. of Clearwater during an argument with her ex-boyfriend, authorities said.

Eric Adeson He told Clearwater Police Department investigators that the woman, whom he had dated for several months, also threw his keys and phone off the balcony on Sunday. The dog, named Bucky, was found dead on the pavement, police said.

Adeson’s attorney, Katherine Neal, filed a civil lawsuit against the woman on Monday, seeking $30,000 in damages.

The complaint states that the couple had ended their relationship in February, but that she had arrived at Adeson’s condo on Sunday smelling of alcohol and being verbally aggressive towards him.

He asked her to leave, but she refused and instead grabbed the dog and threw it off the balcony.

Adeson told the Tampa Bay Times that he adopted Bucky as a puppy when his 10-year-old dog, named Sandy, was undergoing cancer treatment. He said the two had been playmates ever since.

“He (Bucky) just turned three years old,” Adeson said. “I never thought Sandy would outlive Bucky.”

The woman, who was arrested Monday, also faces criminal damage and domestic battery charges, according to Pinellas County jail records.

Neal said the civil complaint was filed to send a message to the woman and others that “acts of cruelty to animals are totally outrageous, indecent and completely unacceptable in our society.”

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