Woman posed as a member of the 'Aguilas Negras' to extort money

Woman posed as a member of the 'Aguilas Negras' to extort money

Jessica Paola Arias Gaona, was arrested in a military operation carried out in the Centro neighborhood of the capital of Huila, to answer for the crime of aggravated extortion. The person involved would have communicated with a farmer, to whom she demanded that she contribute money with which a supposed ‘social cleansing’ would be financed.

Units of the military Gaula of the National Army managed to capture a woman in the capital of Huila who, through intimidation, tried to collect illicit resources.


The events that led to the legal action were recorded on May 28, 2021 in the city of Manizales, Caldas, when the victim, a peasant from the region, received a call from the alleged commander of the ‘Águilas Negras’, who He claimed to have an agreement with security organizations to carry out a “social cleansing”, and they required him to contribute to the cause, assuring him that the money demanded would be used to purchase weapons and ammunition.

In addition, he warned him that if he did not comply with the organization’s demands, they would attempt the life of his family. Thus, the man brought the case to the attention of the authorities who began with the respective investigations.

The capture

After identifying the person responsible for the extortion, the arrest warrant was issued against this person, which became effective in the center of Neiva. That was how the Military Gaula deprived Jessica Paola Arias Gaona of her freedom, leaving her at the disposal of justice.

I was doomed

It should be noted that this woman presents four entries in the Police SPOA system like this; two for the crime of extortion, another for the crime of conspiracy to commit a crime and the other for the crime that she is being captured. In addition, she was found convicted of 06 years and 01 month in prison.

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The Military Gaula of the Ninth Brigade reiterated the call to citizens so that, if they are victims of extortion, they trust the differential capabilities of the National Army and report it to the toll-free line 147.

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