Woman flashes ‘drunk’ female passengers; flight was canceled because of him

Ideally when traveling is that airlines respect the time of passengers, although many times nothing goes as expected. so what evidenced a woman on Twitter, who assured that an Aeroméxico flight was canceled due to – presumably – two women who were “drunk”.

It was through the Twitter account of the user @rebecaperuyero where the disagreement with Aeroméxico became present.

According to the user’s testimony on Twitter, the events occurred on April 25, on a flight from CdMx to Veracruz.

The user reported that Aeroméxico and the AICM authorities were unable to solve the problem, after two passengers boarded their flight allegedly in an inconvenient state and even with “glass bottles.”

“9 pm we were all on the plane, apparently all on time. 2 women approach with a glass of beer each… how did they spend it? Nobody understands. The flight attendant at the back of the plane told them that they could not enter with alcoholic beverages…”, the user reported.

The people who caused the disagreement got on the flight with two beers when all the passengers had already boarded. It was so that a flight attendant asked them to deliver the drinks, an indication that only one of them followed. The other took the drink.

Moments later, Aeroméxico personnel asked the women to get off the plane. They also refused.

“A woman stopped one of them and yelled at all of us “they are not going out today because we are not going to get off” … literally to laughter. The navy told them that he was going to make an arrest and that he was going to read them their rights… they read them… while he read them to them, they began to record themselves in a selfie and said things like “God, please don’t take me,” accused the women.

After a long discussion, the passengers did not get off the plane until, in the midst of a heavy delay, the flight ended up being cancelled.

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Finally, the passengers were given their flight for the next day. However, on that date, Aeroméxico personnel were unaware that their flight would be replaced and that they would have other benefits.

“@Aeromexico allowed two passengers with glass bottles to board (if you didn’t notice, where is security?) – two drunk women on the plane and NOBODY could get them off – 87 people missed our flight and we’re still in the ap. What is this @Aeromexico? We lost 87 people because they couldn’t resolve a situation with two drunk people that they didn’t have to board!!! The navy, the patrols, everything was a show! They did NOTHING and we are still here!!”, added the young woman.

So far, Aeroméxico has not issued any statement on the flight.




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