Woman discovers infidelity for speeding ticket

A woman ended up in front of a judge because she was supposedly driving fast, but to her surprise, the one who was at the wheel in her husband’s car was another woman, “the lover.”

He discovered the infidelity after receiving a traffic ticket with the photo of the vehicle for speeding, according to the Bild portal.

The person who received the sanction had to appear last Friday in the court of the city of Dusseldorf (Germany) to verify that she was not driving the vehicle and that when the offense occurred she did not even have a driver’s license. His defense argued that the defendant did not appear in the photo, but rather another woman.

“My client opened the notice of the fine at his home: he drove on the Rheinufertunnel 87 instead of the 60 kilometers per hour allowed. In the photo, she sees a woman at the wheel of her husband’s company rented car and freaks out. She didn’t even have a driver’s license at the time, “said the defendant’s attorney, Fatma Poyraz-Devrim.

The judge acquitted the alleged offender as there was little resemblance between the woman in the photo and the accused. Meanwhile, the “lover” who appeared on the radar image, could not go to court because she was abroad.

The husband ended up confessing his infidelity.


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