woman denounces that the husband was shot and taken by force in Cárdenas

(CNN Español) — A video that has gone viral on social networks and that would have been recorded in Cuba this Tuesday shows how a group of policemen arrive at a house, apparently force its door and enter to take away an alleged opposition protester to the government in the city of Cárdenas , east of Havana.

The woman who recorded the episode related to The Miami Herald that the security forces entered her home on Tuesday morning and shot her husband, Daniel Cárdenas Díaz, who was taken into custody.

In the video, the woman, Marbely Vásquez, is heard shouting at the police officers that her children are with her and shows her carrying one of them while through a window a group of uniformed men is seen and the noise is heard in the background knocking against a door, as if trying to knock it down. Moments later the agents enter with a dog through a back door and she says between sobs: “My children, why are you doing that?”

Priest beaten in Cuba recounts his arrest 2:38

In another cut of the video, apparently after the arrest, Vásquez says: “Why did they do that? If there is nothing in my house, they checked everything, in my house there is nothing. Look what they have done to my husband, Look, the red berets took everything, they finished my house, look, they finished everything, they broke my door, everything, they broke everything “.

And she adds: “They shot my husband in here. They got in here, they shot him down, after having him on the floor, full of shots, look full of blood, they fell to pineapples (blows), they mounted him as if it were a pig inside a truck. “

The video, which is edited in several cuts and with fleeting images, does not show the moment when the agents shoot at Cárdenas or when he is detained or taken away. Vásquez says in the recording that the agents shot him and then a pool of what appears to be blood is seen on a part of the floor.

They record alleged undercover police officers armed with sticks 2:12

Although the perspective of the video, with moments like selfie, seems to indicate that Vasquez was the one who made the recording, CNN has not identified who or how he edited the video, nor has it been able to obtain testimonies about what happened before or after the recording.

CNN has tried unsuccessfully since Wednesday to contact Marbely Vásquez.

In addition, CNN has sought through its Foreign Ministry press officials the reaction of the Cuban authorities, but has not yet received a response.

This Wednesday, the state television channel Canal Caribe dedicated a segment to refute publications on social networks about Cárdenas and doubts that things have happened as the video indicates. The same segment shows images of a subject who identifies as Daniel, who appears with a face mask in an indeterminate place, hesitating when answering questions in an apparent police interrogation, but it is not clear when the video is, who recorded it, the context of the interrogation or if it is the same person.

Juan Carlos Paz contributed to this report.

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