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All people want to find the love of their life, so they make compromises in their private lives to achieve it. That is the case of Sonali Chandra, who went viral on social media after to confess waiting for the right person to start their sexual life.

The Indian woman shared her story in the media outlet ‘Insider’, in which she said that she is 35 years old and want to have sex just until the moment of celebrating his wedding with his ‘same orange’.

In the text, he explained that he knows what it means to lose his virginity -understood as having sex for the first time- and that this aspect of his life has not been relevant because he prefers to seek a real romance.

I need a ring on my finger before I lose my virginity

“It’s not because I’m scared, although I know that sex for the first time can be painful. Friends with benefits and no strings attached relationships are not for me. I’m looking for my soulmatehe said in his writing in the American media.

Sonali, being a woman who comes from India, has customs and traditions that are still respected in their country of origin. Although she had the opportunity to live her youth in New York City, United States, she never forgot her beliefs and had no interest in maintaining a relationship that was not for love.

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“My colleagues often talk about their various relationships. I never join the conversation. As a modern American Indian, I am happy to uphold the traditional values ​​of the country where my parents were raised. Sex before marriage is taboo in India.Chandra commented.

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marriage in india

One of the traditions that are still in force in India is that parents arrange the marriage of their children, taking into account the interests of the family of the engaged.

In 2009, Sonali finished her professional career at Rutgers University, New Jersey. Her father told her that he wanted to plan a marriage for her, so her recent graduate decided to refuse and find her love on her own.

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“Dad decided to find someone in America who had strong Indian values. He knew I would try to introduce me to doctors and lawyers in New Jersey, but I never met with them. I didn’t trust my father to choose a husband for me. He would want someone like him,” said the Indian woman.

The decision of his life

At 26 years old, Chandrá experienced his first kiss, but that was not an impediment to continue with his life project in love, although it has been difficult for him to find the right one.

“I’ve dated nine guys in my life. Each has turned out to be a jerk. They asked me out because of my looks, but after I told them about my high standards and morals, they disappeared. Three of them proposed me because they needed visas to work in the United States”Candra said.

Currently she has been focused on her work and on a stand-up comedy that recounts his life and some experiences he has had as a result of the promise he keeps. Through her story, she wants to inspire women and men so that they are not forced to have sexual relations or marry due to social pressure.

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