Wolves eliminated, the season was great

Eliminated from the Playoffs after a rather breathless Game 6, the Wolves draw the curtain on a successful season. The objective of Chris Finch’s group was to clinch a second appearance in the Playoffs in 18 years. The stat hurts, but still less than a year ago. Debrief.

“And you see son, that’s how your dad became a Wolves fan”. We would almost forget that by dint of chaining the white seasons, certain franchises will simply not have fans over one or more decades. You do not believe in it ? So look for a Kings fan in middle and high school, you’ll see that many didn’t want to grow up alongside Calvin Booth and Francisco Garcia. What is certain is that with this elimination, Wolves do not return to neutral. They have probably won the hearts of many young people, who have fallen in love with the hustle of Jaden McDaniels, the – occasional – domination of Karl-Anthony Towns, the padlock that is Jared Vanderbilt. They will keep in mind the great testosterone surges by Pat Beverley, so entertaining that we could devote a paid channel to him. And in all this fuss, the wolves have even found a pack leader. On April 11, Chris Finch effectively extended for several years thanks to the excellent results of the team, which finished in 7th place in the Western Conference with a record of 46 wins for 36 losses. Under his era was born a group, from which a strange mixture of passion, audacity – sometimes naivety and frenzy – transforms simple regular matches into Game 7 of Playoffs. Saying that a year ago was unlikely, but on April 30, 2022, we can’t wait to see Wolves play again.

And what’s next, what does it look like? Wolves don’t have a big case to deal with this summer, unless you consider that by the poorness of their series against Memphis, D’Angelo Russell is now in the hot seat. His experience supposed to ignite this group – tah the Brooklyn era – remained silent. When we see Anthony Edwards and his record at only 20 years old, we think that Wolves would do well to surround him properly. He typically has the profile of one of the future best players in this franchise. That’s why this summer, slipping D-Lo into a Colissimo can be a great idea if the reward is tempting. On the whole, his regularity is of quality with this role of metronome which sets the tempo of the offensives. He even landed two or three very important shots. But the team is progressing so fast that Russell must not let himself be overtaken by the new ambitions of the youngsters. They will hope to make it through the Playoffs next year, but without a high draft pick and in direct competition with teams like the Pelicans, who are gaining in squad quality, not hitting anything can be a hell of a risk. Finally, compared to the debates held last season at the same time, the Wolves are bathed in success.

It was great, the Target Center has found colors and emerging talents like Jalen McDaniels and Jared Vanderbilt solidify a workforce that had not heard the word ” depth “ since the first five years of this century. Minnesota is on the right track.



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