Witnesses to Igor’s murder at the title party threatened with death

Friends of the victim suffered from sudden “amnesia” and others said they feared reprisals from the detainees.

There are witnesses to the murder of Igor Silva, killed with 18 stab wounds during the FC Porto title party, who are being pressured to change the testimony and thus minimize the intervention of Marco “Orelhas”, meanwhile placed in preventive detention. The conviction is of the criminal investigation judge of Porto, who registered death threats against friends of the mortal victim. Some witnesses may benefit from police protection.

Marco Gonçalves, known as “Orelhas”, his son Renato, the uncle of this nicknamed “Chanfra” and a fourth individual, who goes by the nickname Xió, are the four defendants who were placed in preventive detention for the murder of Igor Silva. Although the authorities have no doubt that Renato, 19, was the only one to stab the victim and therefore had already been arrested for about three weeks, the justice understood that the other three had a direct intervention in the death.

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