The National Administration of Social Security (ANSeS) keeps four payment options enabled after the cancellation of the new IFE 4 2021 intended for young people between 18 and 24 years old belonging to vulnerable sectors.

The benefits have different types of income and deadlines for your application, as well as compatibility with the AUH and AUE they also show differences according to the type of charge.

“Definitely no habr IFE 4 nor any other similar program because the government’s decision is to generate genuine employment and gradually deactivate direct subsidies, “they explained to The chronicler a close friend of the Minister of Labor, Claudio Moroni.

The government buried IFE 4 in exchange for a social containment plan

In post-election mode, Fernndez seeks consensus among the main businessmen of the country

NEW ife 4 2021: ANSeS payment options with open enrollments

1) Promote Youth Inclusion

The Ministry of Social Development Together with different municipalities throughout the country, it continues to deploy registration operations to the Youth Inclusion program for young people between 18 and 29 years old in a situation of vulnerability, “promoting access to resources that guarantee their rights.”

How much do Empower Young charge?

The benefit points to financing of socio-productive, socio-labor and socio-community projects, with a monthly payment of $ 8,500 per month.

How to enroll in the Empower Youth program?

Registrations are carried out in a decentralized manner in the different municipalities throughout the country. For more information Interested parties should send an email to [email protected]

Alimentar card for retirees and pensioners ANSeS: requirements, recharge amount and when the official announcement will be made

2) I add you

Without IFE 4 2021, the program I add you of the Ministry of Productive Development aims to incorporate young people between the ages of 18 and 24 into formal employment by hiring MiPyME.

What is sumo

The Te Sumo program It has two access modes:

  • Conduct job training for up to 6 months with the subsequent option of hiring the person;
  • Carry out the hiring through a Territorial Agency or Employment Office.

In case of hiring, the program consists of 3 cumulative benefits:

  1. Salary contribution to be credited to the account of the young person (PIL).
  2. Contribution of SEPyME to be credited to the company’s account.
  3. Reduction of employer contributions.

The amounts vary according to the endowment of the company, and the contracts that are made.

For those firms that choose to start with job training, the program will contribute a differential amount depending on the company’s staffing. There will be no employment relationship during training.

Registration requirements to access the tE SUMO program

  • Youth 18-24 years of age who are unemployed and have completed high school studies;
  • MSMEs that are registered in the MiPyME Companies Registry, with their corresponding current certificate.
  • How to sign up for Te SUmo

    The young people from 18 to 24 to they can register at Te Sumo program through the Employment Portal or approach the territorial Agency of the municipality.

    They start to pay a special bonus for the Progresar Scholarships


    The plan “Argentina Program“released by the Ministry of Productive Development, is a benefit for young people who want to study programming and obtain a $ 100,000 grant to buy a computer.

    How Argentina Program works

    The program Argentina Program It is a training that is carried out virtually, free, asynchronous and does not require prior knowledge.

    To access it, it is necessary to have access to the internet and to a computer, notebook or other mobile device.

    Regarding the requirements, the training is intended for those over 18 who have completed secondary school. Currently, the registration stage ended last October and it is awaiting its reopening.

    Cunto paga Argentina Programa

    Program payment Argentina Program is done through the Argentina Program Card, which is aimed at young people who have approved the YoProgramo program, for which A Non-Refundable Contribution (ANR) of up to $ 100,000 is assigned to finance a computer, connectivity or transportation expenses.

    Those who achieve the objectives can use the funds in two categories:

    • $ 90.000 to purchase a computer available at the BNA Store inside of the Banco Nacin, from the special line for the Argentine Program Card. This amount must be used within a maximum period of 6 months from its accreditation.
    • $ 10.000 that will be transferred in three consecutive bimonthly contributions of $ 3,333 to pay for connectivity and / or public transportation services in the system GOES UP.

    New IFE 4 and Alimentar Card for retirees and pensioners ANSeS: step by step, how to update the data

    All the ANSeS benefits that blank workers can collect

    4) Progress Work 2021

    The Progress Work Scholarship that grants the Ministry of Education through the National Social Security Administration ( Anses) keeps the registration form enabled until November 30 and grants $ 3600 per month.

    Progress Work: where to enroll?

    To access the Progress Work scholarships interested parties must carry out the following steps:

    1. Login to:
    2. Click on “new user“in case you are not registered in Progresar
    3. Communicate personal data: name and surname, CUIL and email, and create a user with their respective password.
    4. After registering, you will be able to enter the personalized management system where the registration form and all the information on the management of the Progress Work scholarship.
    5. You can also download the Progress + App, from where it is possible not only to register for the program from the cell phone but also to simplify procedures and queries and access relevant information on the news on a continuous basis. It is downloaded at this link:

    Progress Work: what courses are offered

    The National Institute of Technological Education (INET) prepares the line of scholarships and academic offer.

    To know the full list of professional training courses, according to the chosen orientation and area of ​​residence, enter:

    Progress Job: Enrollment Requirements

    • Be Argentine / or native / o; naturalized or foreign, with legal residence of two (2) years in the country and have a DNI.
    • Be between 18 and 24 years old.
    • It extends up to 35 years of age to people with children under the age of 18 belonging to single-parent households and up to 40 years to people who do not have a formal registered job.
    • No age limit for trans people, indigenous peoples, with disabilities or refugees.
    • The sum of the youth’s income must not exceed three (3) Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wages (SMVM).


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