Without hesitation or shame.. Yousra boldly admits: I craved sex with my father-in-law on the plane and wished I could sleep with him even for one night.. And this was his response.

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The Egyptian star Yousra surprised her fans and fans with shocking and daring television statements, before she was recently infected with the Corona virus.

Yousra revealed that the famous doll, Abla Fahita, recently hosted her on her “Duplex” program broadcast on the “ON” satellite channel.

That she was herself marrying her father-in-law Khaled Saleh Selim, the former president of Al-Ahly Club, Saleh Selim, while they were traveling abroad.

She said that the flight attendant asked her to marry Saleh Selim, even for one night, and she agreed at once, but he refused. Confirmed that “it was a moon.”

She also revealed in the meeting, which came on the occasion of the New Year, that her real name is “Seven Muhammad Naseem,” noting that the name Sevin means “the rose that does not die.”

She pointed out that her friends call her “Siva”, considering that this is her favorite name, which is called by her close friends and her husband.

The Egyptian artist explained that she is married to Khaled Saleh Selim, the former president of Al-Ahly Club, Saleh Selim, and she did not have children, and described her husband as “more famous than me.”

Yousra spoke about her compatriot, artist Adel Imam, and her work with him, noting that she succeeded by appearing with him, and that he is the only artist who agrees to write his name before her,

Considering that Adel Imam is the only artist who, if he had asked to marry her, she would not have been able to refuse him: “Adel Imam, if he had proposed to me, I would not have rejected him and I would have married him.”

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She described Adel Imam as “explaining and making people happy all the time by laughing and joking and explaining and he loves Farfasha and his blood is light and his love is sweet,” stressing that she is still communicating with him.

The artist, Yousra, indicated that her closest friends in the artistic community are the artist Ilham Shaheen, the director Enas Al-Deghaidi and the artist Laila Elwi.

The Egyptian star also spoke about her husband, Khaled Saleh Selim, noting that she has known him since they were 7 years old, and that he traveled abroad and married, then separated from his wife and returned to Egypt and married 25 years ago.



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