Within a month, Tesla received a second blow in China

The authority that oversees the regulation and development of market rules in China said that the recall includes both imported and manufactured cars in China, according to the Associated Press.

This is the second withdrawal made by the American company, “Tesla” in China, this April.

The administration added that the cars that are being called do not display a unit of speed measurement such as miles or kilometers per hour, when they are in “track mode” (which improves the ability to turn and turn), which in some exceptional cases may lead to collisions. .

And the Chinese administration announced earlier this April, that “Tesla” recalled 127,785 copies of the “Model 3S” due to potential problems in semiconductors that may also cause accidents.

The latest recall affects 1,850 imported Model 3S cars and 12834 of the same model manufactured in China and produced during the period from January 12, 2019 to March 25, 2022.

And the text of the notice stated that “Tesla Motors-Beijing” and “Tesla-Shanghai” will update the software of the vehicles covered by the recall for free using over-the-air programming technology, which allows one central location to send a software update to all users at once so that the update works automatically once Received, what enables car owners to complete the process.

The company will contact owners of vehicles whose software cannot be upgraded in this way so that updates can be made at Tesla service centers.

In June of last year, Tesla recalled more than 285,000 vehicles, including most cars made in China, to fix a problem with the car’s software.

This was followed by the recall of nearly 200,000 cars in December 2021.



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