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Pain in the body is often a sign of weakened eyes. These exercises will get you fit again in no time.

Various reasons can be responsible for your tired eyes. With so much media content to choose from, the screens on your computer and cell phone are largely the cause of your sore eyes. Not only can the consequences be painful and irritating, your vision can also be affected.

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Mobile phones, tablets etc. should be used less and less during the day if you do not want to weaken your eyes any further. With a daily eye training you distract your eyes from long scrolling and instead support your eye muscles.

Your tired eyes need this workout

Sometimes you feel itchy or dry eyes. In other cases, the symptoms also manifest themselves in the form of heavy eyelids and the feeling that you can hardly keep your eyes open. This is usually because your gaze is focused on one spot for too long. If your gaze doesn’t shift, you blink a lot less and the tear fluid in your eye evaporates before your tear ducts can produce more. As you can already guess, the following everyday situations are responsible for the strain on your eyes:

Lighting: Artificial light is a big no-go, especially in the evening. Adjust the brightness of your devices according to the time of day. That means in the morning you need a colder light and in the evening you should have warm rays that resemble the sunset.

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Screen: Lighting plays a role here, but the position of your screen can also worsen your eyesight. A height-adjustable table allows you to adjust your screen so that your field of view is slightly downward.

Duration of exposure: Even with daily training, you shouldn’t put too much strain on your eyes. At the latest as soon as you notice warning signals such as itching and pain, it is time to relax your muscles again.

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Your eye training can only prove useful if you learn how to tense and relax your eye muscles. This is because your sensory organ can only withstand the stresses when it is fully functional. Think about the last time you looked right, left, up or down without moving your head. If your eyes can withstand great pressure through training, their performance in everyday life will also increase.

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