With the Kumbia Kings and without healthy distance: this was the massive celebration of Samuel García before his virtual victory for the governorship of Nuevo León

Celebration of Samuel García in Macroplaza de Monterrey

On the afternoon of June 7, the count of the Preliminary Election Results Program (PREP) 2021 in the state of New Lion, which positioned Samuel Garcia, candidate for Citizen movement (MC), What winner of the race for the governorship of the northern state.

Thus, with more than 700 thousand votes in favor, which represents the 36.688% of the votes, the aspiring orange party invited citizens to celebrate their victory with a massive musical event in the Macroplaza located in front of the municipal palace in Monterrey, which was attended by bands such as Duel, Ronda Bogotá, La Firma and the Kumbia Kings.

It should be noted that AB Quintanilla, creator of the Kumbia Kings, had launched a message denying that his musical group was going to present the celebration of the young politician, so he asked his followers that they will not be fooled: “I am not going to be in Monterrey at night or for the rest of the year. I have nothing, absolutely nothing. ”, expressed in a video.

However, this was not an impediment for the Nuevo Leon arrived hours before at the site that was already sighted with a total occupancy even hours before the party; at the end of the day, the attendees confirmed on their social networks that yes the kumbia kings attended.

During the event, and through his Instagram account, the MC candidate, who attended with his wife, Mariana Rodríguez, thanked the attendees for their support throughout the electoral elections that culminated on June 6.

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Nuevo León was painted orange. We will be, the state and the city with the best governments. Today I woke up and I learned through the media that we have already made history, that we are the government that will lead the youngest person in the history of the state of Nuevo León. (…) Here is your new home. Here begins the new Nuevo León, together we take out the old politics. “, he expressed in one of his speeches.

Also, this Tuesday, the governor-elect once again thanked those who attended the celebration on his Twitter account, which, he said, marks the beginning of a new stage in Nuevo León: “The enormous love and confidence in having chosen me as governor is a great responsibility that I take on with pleasure. I hope you enjoyed this celebration as much as we did. the beginning of a new era in our state. Thanks!”

Samuel Garcia, Citizen Movement party’s candidate for governor in the state of Nuevo Leon, reacts with his wife Mariana Rodriguez, a day after the mid-term elections, during a celebration at the Macroplaza in Monterrey, Mexico June 7, 2021. REUTERS/Daniel Becerril

The celebration began at 7:00 p.m. and ended at dawn on Tuesday. According to García, it is estimated that about 50 thousand people attended the celebration which, he said, was carried out under health protocols requested throughout the pandemic: use of a mask, application of antibacterial gel and ensure a healthy distance – although the latter was ignored in its entirety.

On the other hand, a few hours before the event, Adrián De La Garza Santos, former candidate for governor of Nuevo León for the coalition Goes through Mexico, recognized the result of Preliminary Election Results Program (PREP) that pointed to Garcia as the virtual winner of the electoral contest.

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“As is public knowledge, the capture of the preliminary system of electoral results has concluded, which do not favor me”, expressed the militant of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which was in partnership with Acción Nacional (PAN), through a live broadcast.

Video: Instagram @mariardzcantu

Reaction of Garcia the press conference was recorded by his wife, Mariana Rodriguez, Through his Instagram account, however, the candidate only limited himself to making facial expressions without saying a word.

Shortly after, he posted a thread on Twitter where recognized the effort of his opponent during the electoral elections. He also mentioned that De la Garza contacted him to congratulate you personally, so he promised to “Defend Nuevo León from the onslaught of the center of the country.”

“I recognize the high-mindedness of Adrián de la Garza for the message he gave a few minutes ago, and for the call I received to congratulate me. Thank you Adrián for acknowledging that Nuevo León won: I am committed to you and to the people who gave you their vote to govern for all, for all, and to defend Nuevo León from the onslaught of the center of the country.

I promise that Nuevo León does well, because if the new government does well, Nuevo León will do well. The campaign is over and we must all get to work. For the next 6 years we need them all, we need each other.”, He asserted.


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