With the heat and the summer, how to manage mask and hydroalcoholic gel?

Here are five tips to support the mask and stay hydrated this summer. (Photo: valentinrussanov via Getty Images)

HEALTH – The holidays are approaching and the Covid-19 epidemic raises the same questions as those encountered in the summer of 2020. How to endure the heat with a mask is one. How to use hydroalcoholic gel in full sun is another.

And we have all lived it, wearing a mask in very hot weather is hard to bear. The fresh air has less facility to reach the lungs, the respiratory muscles are stressed, as a result we are more short of breath and our body accumulates heat, notes the Japan Times.

Unfortunately, Emmanuel Macron announced it, during his trip to the Lot on Wednesday, June 2, the end of wearing the mask outdoors “will be done in a differentiated way” according to the territories and the population density and “at the national level it We will have to wait a little longer ”to be authorized to stop wearing it, although several epidemiologists question the real usefulness of this measure.

Moreover, some prefectures have already issued decrees to end the wearing of masks outdoors. “In the Alpes-Maritimes, for example, wearing a mask is no longer compulsory on the beaches. In Puy-de-Dôme, it remains compulsory in municipalities with more than 10,000 inhabitants. In Lozère, the obligation to wear it outdoors has been lifted throughout the department ”since the end of April. While waiting for the generalization of the lifting of restrictions, here are some tips for combining sanitary practices and high heat.

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