With the E-C4 X, Citroën is launching an all-electric SUV coupe

Stefan Grundhoff and Martin A. Bartholdi

Citroën makes life easier. For the new E-C4 X, the French offer only one drive – as the E in the name suggests, an electric one. Otherwise, the name says almost everything. The E-C4-X looks are almost the same as the compact C4, and the X gives away that it’s a crossover.

The French are selling their latest work with a lot of SUV style as a mixture of hatchback limo and SUV. Citroën boss Vincent Cobée (52) says: “Many customers want an affordable, responsible and elegant alternative to the many hatchback and SUV offers. This is our best interpretation of that need.” Bottom line, like its Peugeot 408 sister model, the E-C4 X is another SUV coupe. The two French Stellantis brands are thus reacting to the success of the Renault Arkana.



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