With Prince William in Boston: Princess Kate wears Diana’s emerald necklace

Kate and William sparkle in Boston. Photo: dpa/Mary Schwalm

It must not have been a coincidence: Princess Kate turns up wearing a necklace by Lady Di. The choice must have been a statement that the couple claims they are following in the footsteps of the “Queen of Hearts”.

British Princess Kate (40) arrived in the United States with an emerald necklace inherited from her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, who died in 1997. Kate wore the jewel that matched her green dress during an Earthshot Prize gala hosted by her husband, Prince William, 40, in the US east coast metropolis of Boston on Friday night. Every year, the competition honors initiatives that produce particularly innovative methods for climate and environmental protection.

On one hand, the chain set with green stones was a perfect match for the occasion. On the other hand, the election should also have been a statement that William and Kate claim they are following in the footsteps of the “Queen of Hearts”. Kate has also held the former title of Diana, Princess of Wales since Queen Elizabeth’s death in September.

The fact that they are making this statement in the United States of all places, where William’s brother Harry (38) and his wife Meghan (41) have been living for several years, is seen as a challenge. Harry and Meghan broke away from the inner circle of the royal family and have been in a clinch with the rest of the royals ever since. In the coming week, a documentary will appear on the Netflix streaming service in which they will explain their position. Harry’s memoirs will be released in January. Both count as settlements with the royal family.

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Diana’s two sons compete to claim the legacy of their socially active mother. A few months ago, William spent a day on the street selling a magazine to the homeless. Harry said in an interview that he felt his mother’s spirit turned to him more than to his brother.



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