In “Match after match”, our consultants and journalists looked back on Murat Yakin’s first three months at the head of the Swiss team. The new coach of the Nati convinced by his calm and his daring.

“Murat Yakin does not know the pressure”

Our consultants and journalists spoke about Murat Yakin’s first months at the head of the Swiss team and its recent performances. Calm and daring, the new Nati coach was able to meet expectations perfectly.


“For me, football is above all fun and enthusiasm.” Three months after his enthronement at the head of the Swiss team, Murat Yakin has already marked the history of Swiss football. With a direct qualification for the 2022 World Cup as the highlight.

The coach of the Nati returned to his beginnings in a recent interview with “blue Sport”. “I don’t feel any pressure. I have fantastic players with me and a very good staff. I took over a group that has a good spirit and a great euphoria after the Euro (where Switzerland had been until the quarter-finals) ”, he then confided.

“I think what I can do well is the tactical preparation of a match and the confidence that I can give to my players. It was my mission. I never told them: ‘You absolutely have to win’. I told them to just play soccer because there is enough potential in this team for things to go well. ” A mentality and a way of working which has already borne these fruits and which has naturally convinced the public and football experts.

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“Murat Yakin exudes a certain serenity. He has always been very calm, very calm. Vladimir Petkovic was too. But Yakin has that calming side that goes well with the players. He even has this role of big brother ”, recognized our journalist Daniel Burkhalter on Sunday in the program“ Match after match ”.

“It is restful. When we have a decisive match (note: against Bulgaria) and we have to score, he dares to put Noah Okafor, while there is Renato Steffen on the bench. Many coaches would have started the one with the most matches to receive no reproach. And we saw the match made by Okafor (scorer of a goal) ”, for his part reacted our consultant Carlos Varela.

Before adding: “The enthusiasm that Yakin gives off, he gives it to the players. He’s so calm. Him, the pressure he does not know. If he has an appointment at 6:00 a.m., 6:10 a.m. and 6:20 a.m. and it’s 6:00 a.m., he’s not going to stress for the 6:10 one. When you talk to him, he soothes you. And a player sees it too. “

Despite the importance of the last Nati gathering with a match in Rome against Italy (1-1) and in Lucerne against Bulgaria (4-0), Murat Yakin did not hesitate to throw in the deep end of neophyte players, such as Noah Okafor or Kastriot Imeri.

“He was bold in his choices and it paid off. He was also bold in summoning Kastriot Imeri, the Servette player. In Romandie, we are pleased to find a player from a Romandy club in the Swiss team. Yakin was able to summon him despite the difficult pass that Servette is going through “, exclaimed Christophe Moreillon, journalist at Rhône FM and invited Sunday on the set of” blue Sports “.

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“We saw a click in this team”

“The bad tongues will say that, by the many absences (note: Switzerland was deprived of seven holders against Bulgaria) and by force of circumstances, Yakin did not have the choice to call them (players like Imeri). But I am looking at the athlete: the way in which these young people behaved, like Okafor or Vargas, ”Varela rebounded.

“We saw a click in this team. They tried, tried and tried despite the waste. I did not recognize Switzerland, which has been able to play (in the past) on caution and avoiding mistakes. There was this enthusiasm, and it is necessarily the speech of the coach. To see a change in behavior so quickly in the Swiss team, with this courage to move forward, it means that Yakin’s message has passed. “

The Swiss team, Yakin version, will now have to confirm in 2022 its exceptional year 2021. And its recent performances bode well for the best …

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