With kicks and blows they lower an alleged thief from a combi in Edomex (VIDEO)

An alleged thief It was beaten brutally by a group of people, after he tried assault to the passengers of a public transport unit, known as combi, that circulated in the State of Mexico (Edomex).

A video circulating on social networks shows the moment in which the supposed raider is lowered from the unit in which he intended to commit the robbery, this when reaching a whereabouts located in the municipality of Nicolás Romero.

At the beginning of this recording, the passengers of a van of public transport quickly descend from the unit, this while a group of people board the vehicle to force a subject to get off.

Once out of the truck, at least four men and a woman begin to mercilessly beat the alleged offender, this while shouting rude words at him and claiming him for having tried to assault the passengers.

For more than a minute, the annoyed citizens kick and hit the person identified as responsible for attempting the robbery; this, before the gaze of dozens of people who observe the event while passing through the place.

“Give it cool” people said as the alleged thief screamed for help lying on the ground, shirtless, and trying to cover himself from the blows and kicks he was receiving.

So far, it is unknown if the alleged assailant was placed at the disposal of the authorities of the State of Mexico, after having committed this attempted assault that ended with a beating, or if the attack was due to another circumstance.

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