With Aurora, Logitech launches a range for gamers!

The Aurora range from Logitech.

It’s not just men who play video games. According to various elements, including the marketing by Logitech of a range of dedicated peripherals, more and more women are addicted to ultra-responsive and precise mice and keyboards: this is the new pastel Aurora range.

The famous Swiss manufacturer of peripherals has therefore swept away all the prejudices linked to “gamers” to produce a range that is much more stylish, feminine and above all less aggressive. Indeed, according to Logitech, women play more for pleasure than for performance, hence this positioning.

Wired or wireless!

But Logitech has not neglected this aspect since two series of peripherals are available in wired (for the most nervous…) or wireless. Moreover, the manufacturer speaks at length in this blog post to explain his approach, which is really welcome. But what are we actually talking about?

Logitech has launched two mice, two keyboards, headphones and even a palm rest in different pastel colors, although it is highlighting the white “White Mist”. Not being a seasoned player, I must admit to being very sensitive to this aesthetic and almost philosophical approach. These products are beautiful and really break with what has been done so far.

Original and attractive products

Looking at the specs, you can see that Logitech has tailored its products to the intended audience. The G705 mouse, for example, was made for small hands. As for the G715 keyboard, it comes with a very original cloud-shaped palm rest: so beautiful and original! Well seen!

Obviously, all these products sparkle with a thousand lights, like peripherals of the same ilk intended for men. Comes the moment of the invoice. For the wireless set including the G735 headset suitable for small heads (259 francs), the G715 keyboard (229 francs) and the G705 mouse (109 francs) you will have to pay a total of 597 francs. Why not a wetsuit discount?

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Too bad that the keyboards for Switzerland do not seem to be available on the dedicated website.

Xavier Studer



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