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A curious scene was lived in the NCAA, the United States college football, when they played Miami Hurricanes ante Appalachian State en el Hard Rock Stadium.

And it is that in the middle of the game, Miami fans had to improvise a safety net with an American flag, so that a cat that hung from the highest part of the tribune, would not die.

The cat stole the attention of thousands of fans, since action had to be taken to rescue it from a height of approximately 20 meters.

The feline was walking along one of the cables on the roof of the Hard Rock Stadium when he lost his balance; it managed to hang by its claws for a moment, but it let go.

After falling and being rescued with the flag, one of the people involved in this act raised the cat as if it were Simba in the Lion King and this provoked the ovation of the fans.

CBS Sports reported that Craig y Kimberley Cromer, a couple of season ticket holders, are the people who were in charge of organizing the maneuver, with a flag that they usually hang in the stadium.


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