The artist, Liqa Khamisi, shared her audience with a photo via the Asturi feature for her social networking site, “Instagram”, during her summer vacation.
Al-Khamisi’s meeting appeared in the photo with a bold look, wearing “jeans and black tops”.

It is noteworthy that the Khamisi meeting took place in the last Ramadan season in the series “Sugar Ziada”, which is inspired by the famous series “The golden girls”, which took place inside a villa where all the heroines of the series are forced to reside together after they underwent a monument.

“Sukar Ziada” written by Amin Jamal, directed by Wael Ihsan and participating in the championship with Nabila Obaid, Nadia Al-Jundi, the able artist Samiha Ayoub, and Hala Fakher, in addition to a large number of stars who appear as honorary guests including Ahmed Al-Saqa, Bayoumi Fouad, and Jumana Murad, And Rogina, meeting Khamisi, Abd al-Basit Hammouda, Hamdi al-Mirghani, Sabri Fawaz, Suleiman Eid, Badriya Taleb and others.