The Reina Sofía Museum has hosted this Tuesday the VII DKV Medicine and Solidarity Awards. An edition specially marked by the Covid-19, because on this occasion the insurance company has recognized those entities, people and companies that have played a relevant role during the pandemic.

The Africa Directo Foundation, Ignacio Díaz de Tuesta Revilla and the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Aljarafe have been the winners of this gala, in which they also four special recognitions have been awarded – for the first time in its history the Collegiate Medical Organization, the General Nursing Council, the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine and the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine.

Specifically, the Solidarity Organization Award has been for Africa Directo Foundation for the manufacture of personal protective equipment and fans from diving masks to protect against Covid-19 in centers of Africa and Central America. “It was our bit to save lives,” said its president, Guadalupe Martin Laborda.

While, Ignacio Díaz from Tuesta Revilla has collected the Solidarity Healthcare Professional Award for the project Andalusia Breathe, an initiative by healthcare professionals to design a respirator for covid patients in record time and in a simple way.

Finally, the Award for the Solidarity Digital Health Initiative has been received by the Hospital San Juan De Dios del Aljarafe in Seville by the T programele-Covid: humanizing and optimizing assistance in times of pandemic. A tool to offer home treatment to those patients who, without suffering any ailment, felt lonely and anguished because of the coronavirus.

Each award has an endowment of 10,000 euros and the recognitions with 5,000 euros. In this edition, 174 nominations have been submitted

DKV applauds the extra dedication of the toilets

Josep Santacreu, CEO of DKV, recalled that since the first edition was held, more than 1,380 applications have been submitted, as well as 25 projects have been awarded with a total of 230,000 donations. “With this seventh edition we want to continue betting on solidarity,” he said during the gala.

“There are professionals who, beyond their working hours, dedicate their time and effort to helping others,” he said gratefully. And, at this point, he stressed that both public and private health “have done the best they had to deal with the pandemic.” “The health system in Spain is strong because it has generously cared for everyone”, has recognized in this regard.

For this reason, he recalled that his company has helped “mitigate the effects of the health crisis” since the pandemic broke out. “What we want is to improve health and improve service”, has highlighted, while insisting that the objective of the insurer has always been to help patients and the care groups that have been caring for them.

First edition of the DKV awards since the pandemic

This is the first edition of the Medicine and Solidarity Awards that has taken place since the beginning of the pandemic. An event that has been carried out in Madrid, a call that has been applauded by its mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who has shown his appreciation for such election and has invited the celebration of the next one also in the capital.

The mayor has praised the projects of all the winners and has especially remembered all the professionals, 321, who lost their lives to save their patients during the Covid-19. “They will always be in our hearts and we will always owe a debt of gratitude”, has regretted.

At the event have attended around 150 people and there has been the presence of institutional representatives, the health sector and the third sector, among which were Salvador Tranche, President of the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine, Ricardo Gomez Strikes, former president of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine, Florentino Pérez Raya, President of the General Council of Nursing.

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