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Windows It is undoubtedly one of the best operating systems for computers and laptops, since the aforementioned software has been developed by the technological giant Microsoft, however, on some occasions it presents certain problems, either internal or because you have accidentally pressed a combination of keys that has altered its operation. One of the most common cases is that of the head screen or that it has rotated, you do not know how to fix it? here we offer you the definitive solution.

Many portals offer you the following solution: simultaneously press the combinations Control + Alt + the arrows, then with the arrow up Windows it would return to its default shape, at the bottom the screen would rotate 180 °, on the left it would turn vertically and rotate 90 °, and on the right it would rotate 270 ° remaining vertically, however, in most computers this method does not work, check it out for yourself on your desktop screen and there may not be any changes.

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  • First, locate yourself in an empty part of the desktop Windows and right click with the mouse.
  • A mini window will open with various options.
  • Go to ‘Screen Settings’.
  • Find the section ‘Screen orientation’ and select the one that says ‘Horizontal’.
  • You will see a notice with a 5-second countdown asking you if you want to keep the changes, accept it, otherwise the screen will flip again.
  • Ready, everything will have returned to normal.
  • In case you open the ‘Screen settings’ and you can’t find the ‘Screen orientation’ section, write the name of this option in the search bar.
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How to fix your keyboard in case you type and open other functions

  • On your desktop, press the magnifying glass that is located in the lower left corner.
  • Then, type and enter ‘Control Panel’.
  • Now, click on the ‘Accessibility’ section.
  • On the left, click on ‘Keyboard’.
  • All the boxes should be unchecked, except for the one that says: ‘Use the device without a physical keyboard’.
  • When it is activated a virtual keyboard will appear on the screen, just close it and the keyboard of the PC or laptop will work again.
  • To skip all these steps, press the Windows + CTRL + O combinations.

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