It should not be a secret that Microsoft has shot itself out of control with Internet Explorer when it comes to browsers. Even back in the days of Windows XP, the Microsoft browser was unusable. The introduction of the Edge browser didn’t change the fact that Google’s Chrome continues to be the number one browser. With the revised Edge version, Microsoft is now trying to convince users of their own web browser. However, this only works moderately.

For this reason, one would like to force all Windows 11 users to be happy now and make it more difficult to use third-party software in the future. In combination with the Microsoft search engine Bing, the aim is to create an end-to-end customer experience. For most users, however, this is likely to be an uncomfortable experience. Microsoft is increasingly integrating its own services into the operating system and offering users fewer customization options. The consequence of this is that, among other things, changing the standard browser is made more difficult. With Windows 11, the Edge browser is automatically called up when using the help pages or the search in the start menu. The set standard browser is irrelevant.

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Whether Microsoft will completely deactivate the option to change the default browser in the future,. In addition, it is unclear what legal consequences such a loss of choice has. Even with Apple’s iPhones, it was not possible to set the standard browser in the past. However, this is no longer the case at the moment. The Californian smartphone manufacturer has added a corresponding function to the operating system with a software update.

Ultimately, Microsoft’s approach is likely to target technically less experienced users who will simply surrender to their fate, the more time-consuming it becomes to change the standard browser.

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