As happens for many applications, too Windows 10 has one beta version in which they come tested in preview all the new functions and tools that will be released later on the “official” version. Microsoft has just released one of the biggest updates ever for the beta version which shows many new features that should arrive in the near future. And in some cases these are expected and rather interesting tools.

The attention of users who have already tested the new beta version of Windows 10 immediately fell on menu Start. The reason is very simple: Microsoft has finally decided to change the graphic aspect and to make it more similar to the style introduced in the last period within the operating system. In addition, some of the have also been redesigned Microsoft app icons, such as Mail and Calendar. There are also other small news, which in reality had already been shown in the previous weeks in the Insider version and which are now also brought to the Beta. This step precludes one thing: all the news may already be coming up Window 20H2, or the second core update that Microsoft will release in late November.

Windows 10, change the Start menu

Before Microsoft releases a function on official version of Windows 10, must perform at least two steps: Insider version, open to few users, and Beta version, in which a considerable number of people participate. All the news brought in the Beta version by Microsoft have already been seen in the previous weeks on that Insider, a signal that the first tests have given positive feedback.

And the most important news concerns the menu Start. For some time now it has been said that Microsoft is ready to change its face and the moment is coming. On the latest Beta version, in fact, there is a new one beta version of the Start menu that responds more and more to the dictates of Fluent Design. The changes are immediately visible: the colors are softer than in the past and some icons have also been updated (Mail, Calendar and Calculator app).

Navigate faster between Microsoft Edge tabs

By pressing i key Alt + Tab you access a screen with all the programs open on your PC inside. With this updates, in addition to the applications, the tab aperte su Microsoft Edge. An easy way to better manage all the pages open on the browser.

When the update comes

The news we told you about are already available in thelatest beta released for Windows 10, while to see them on the official version you will have to wait a little longer. Microsoft could include them all within Windows 10 20H2, the second major update this year which is expected to arrive by November.