Microsoft He released Windows 10 21H2, update with features also known as Windows 10 November 2021 Update. It also recently released ISO images so you always have the ability to perform clean installations during emergencies of all kinds.

Windows 10 21H2 certainly not the biggest of Microsoft’s operating system updates, however if you run into problems of various kinds it is always good to have a drive with you for any emergencies. The ISO image is an exact copy of a DVD or other type of drive, stored within a single file. Once obtained, it is possible to create a backup of its contents on DVD or boot drive, with which to perform a clean installation or update of the operating system both locally and on a virtual machine (in this case you can use the ISO saved locally).

the Windows 10 ISO images or other operating systems are extremely convenient especially if you want to perform a clean installation, then an installation from scratch, without the previously installed programs or the old configurations made on the system. The most frequent cases: computers heavily infected with malware, computers whose operating system does not start correctly, or computers that crash due to problematic configurations or drivers that are difficult to identify.

Windows 10 21H2, how to download the ISO

There are several methods for download the Windows 10 21H2 ISO image, all through official sources. The most traditional is to use the Media Creation Tool, a tool proposed by Microsoft through the official Windows 10 download page. In the section “Do you want to install Windows 10 on your PC?” must choose Download the tool now and then run it.

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On the Windows 10 Setup screen, after following the instructions and accepting the license terms, you must choose to Create an installation media, such as a USB drive, DVD or ISO file, to be used on other PCs. The tool will take care of everything, letting you choose which version of Windows to install on the media and which drive to use. In this last step possible save the ISO file to your local disk, in order to later use any drive or tool you want to create the boot media for installing the OS. Once the download is finished you will have the ISO image on the drive of your choice.

A trick to download the ISO directly from the official Microsoft website, without going through the Media Creation Tool

There is also a trick to download the ISO directly from the official Microsoft website without using special tools.

  • Using Chrome and navigating to the Windows 10 download page we can press Ctrl + Shift + I to access the Developer tools (from the Chrome menu, Other Tools, and then Developer Tools).
  • Once you have accessed the new screen we can press Ctrl + Shift + M to make the browser believe that it is using a device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • On the bar at the top of the page, click on Dimensions: Responsive then iPad.
  • We select the web page and update the page with F5, let’s scroll to Select the edition, press on the drop-down menu and select the preferred Windows version, in this case Windows 10 sotto Windows 10 November 2021 Update.
  • We confirm, we select the language and we confirm again.
  • We wait “a few minutes” until the download begins.
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The download of the operating system will be started directly on the drive we selected without going through the Media Creation Tool.


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