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Pati Chapoy is one of the most relevant characters on Mexican television, whose opinion regarding the world of entertainment and the different productions that take place in it is backed by decades of career. Thus, it was surprising that he criticized the current generation of reality TV for bad ‘The academywhich is broadcast on the same television station.

Together with Pedrito Sola, Daniel Bisogno and Rosario Murrieta, they talked about the singing programwhich he does not fully enjoy, which led them to criticize various points that previously viewers have also denounced Through social networks.

‘Ventaneando’ strongly criticizes ‘The Academy’

During the broadcast of the program, the members of ‘window’ discussed what happened over the weekend in ‘The academy’. Daniel Bisogno denounced the harsh treatment that critics have against Rubíwhen there are also other students with artistic limitations who are not judged in the same way.

Secondly pointed out the weakness of the participants as a result of the poor diet they received in the last week by a supposed nutritionist who turned out to be a former participant of the program ‘falling in love’a situation in which they mocked; they added the lack of budget for correct nutrition of the contestants.

However, the controversial moment was carried out by Where is Chapoy?who indicated that can’t stand to watch the concerts in full because of the awful performances of the academics, however, the worst thing for the entertainment journalist is the scenery that she described as “strident”.

Can you hold it Pedro? (The concert) Why am I going to tell you something, yesterday I saw a musical where three participated, a half flamenco song, horrendous, horrendous, but the scenery is so garish that I changed it“, he claimed.

In the meantime Pedrito Sola classified Myriam’s interventions as hateful, winner of the first generation and godmother of the current edition. Finally, drivers highlighted panel criticism made up of Horacio Villalobos, Ana Bárbara, Lolita Cortés and Arturo López Gavito as the salvageable part of the project.

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