Wimbledon – Investigation into two matches for possible suspicious bets


Two matches from the recent Wimbledon tournament are under investigation due to potential suspicious bets.

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Two matches in the last London Grand Slam tournament are under investigation.


Two alerts from sports betting companies have been received by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA). They relate to the Wimbledon Grand Slam event, contested from June 28 to July 11 in London. “It is important to note that an alert in itself is not proof of match-fixing,” said an ITIA spokesperson on Wednesday. “When analysis of a match alert does suggest corrupt activity, ITIA conducts a full and confidential investigation.”

The agency said it was unable to provide further details on the matches being investigated. According to the German newspaper “Die Welt”, this is a first round match in men’s singles and a match in men’s doubles.


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