William Shatner will leave fiction and will know firsthand what it is to be in space. Photo: AFP

William Shatner, who played the Captain Kirk in the iconic series “Star Trek”, Prepare your trip in rocket. In this way he will be the first actor in the cast to make the trip to the “last frontier” of real life.

Why is William Shatner’s trip all the rage?

When “Star Trek“First aired in 1966, Americans had not yet stepped on the Luna and the idea that humans might one day live and work in space still seemed remote. Hence the trip next Tuesday of William Shatner, have a special tint on fans of the pop culture phenomenon that inspired generations of astronauts.

The actor and three other passengers will board a rocket from Blue Origin, from the west of Texas, for what will be the billionaire’s second manned suborbital flight Jeff Bezos, who already went to space.

“I plan to keep my nose close to the window. The only thing I don’t want to see is a gremlin looking at me from the other side. ”

William Shatner

It should be noted that at 90 years of age, William Shatner you will become the oldest person to ever reach space. The decision of Blue Origin to invite one of the space travelers most iconic of science fiction, it is not innocent, as it could help maintain public interest in the race between various private companies in the sector.

In July, the British billionaire Richard Branson flew aboard a spaceship of Virgin Galactic, few days before Jeff Bezos will travel on the first manned flight of the rocket New Shepard, the same one that will transport William Shatner.

For its part, SpaceX sent four space tourists into Earth orbit for three days in September, a mission that was the subject of a series of Netflix.


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