No other celebrity grave is argued about anymore …

Immediately after Willi Herrens († 45) funeral in May, a family complaint flared up around the damaged wreath of widow Jasmin Herren (42). Now the family is divided again – this time about the condition of the grave.

► BILD explains what’s behind the new Zoff.

Actor and entertainer Willi Herren died in April and was buried in MayPhoto: Henning Kaiser / dpa

Why is?

Half a year after his death, the TV star’s grave in the Melaten celebrity cemetery in downtown Cologne (where Heinrich Böll and Willy Millowitsch are among others) still has no gravestone. In addition, it is said that the flowers on the grave site regularly wither.

At least that was noticed by visitors who vented their anger on social networks. “It hurts to see that,” said his widow Jasmin Herren BILD. “No stone, no flowers except mine. Willi didn’t deserve such a grave. ”

Jasmin Herren criticizes the condition of the grave ...

Jasmin Herren criticizes the condition of Willi’s graveFoto: Patric Fouad

She cannot get a gravestone herself, she says – because the grave is maintained by Willi’s children Stefano (27) and Alessia Fazzi (19) and his sister Anna-Maria (called “Annemie”, 58).


Anna-Maria “Annemie” Herren is Willi’s sister. She is supposed to take care of the grave with Willi’s childrenPhoto: Malte Krudewig

Isn’t anyone really looking at the grave?

Annemie Herren to BILD: “That’s nonsense! There is still no tombstone, because that is not possible yet. The grave must first sink to the end before the stone can be erected. I think everyone who complains now knows that too. But they just want to leave us standing there again. “

She promises: “Nobody has to worry about the grave or Willi. We take care of this. As soon as a tombstone can stay there, it will go there. “

Maybe Willi Herren can rest in peace then.


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