Willi Herren: Brother Theo breaks the silence about family trouble

The fronts in the family dispute over Willi Herren (2018-2021) are hardening. On Monday, the sister of the Ballermann star Anna-Maria Herren (57) distributed against his wife Jasmin (42), from whom the pop singer lived separately. Among other things, she said: “She is a deceitful hypocrite.” Now, of all people, Anna-Maria’s brother Theo Herren (59) takes Jasmin’s side.

“The Herren family is big and you can’t lump all family members into one pot,” he clarifies in an interview with “Bild”. He doesn’t share his sister’s opinion at all. “My wife and I distance ourselves from the mud fight against Jasmin, which my sister Annemie, Willi’s children Alessia and Stefano Fazzi and their mother Mirella and grandma Helga, have been pursuing since Willi’s death,” explains Theo.

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