Willem-Alexander and Máxima celebrate exuberantly

King Willem-Alexander turns 55 and the Netherlands can finally celebrate their monarch again. Together with his wife and daughters, he was truly colourful.

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For the first time after two years of corona restrictions, the Netherlands is happily celebrating the so-called King’s Day again. Willem-Alexander is celebrating his 55th birthday this Wednesday. To mark the occasion, the royal family visited Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands together.

The king was greeted with a “Long shall he live” upon his arrival. Together with Queen Máxima and the three daughters Princess Catharina-Amalia, Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane, Willem-Alexander took a tour of the city. When the family danced together on a stage, the queen in particular enjoyed it.

The royals were in good spirits. (Source: IMAGO )

“Those were two years that we will not forget,” said the king in a speech with a view to the corona pandemic and severe flooding that hit the southern province of Limburg in 2021. Looking at Ukraine, the Netherlands should be thankful that they can celebrate together in peace and security. “That’s why we always have to fight for our democracy, our peace and our security and show together that we want to live in a free country.”

Good mood in the best weather

The royal couple and their daughters laughed, celebrated and toasted each other with champagne under a blue sky. Numerous fans cheered the family. Selfies were taken and flowers received.

Cheers!  The royals toast King Willem-Alexander's 55th birthday.  (Source: IMAGO / PPE)Cheers! The royals toast King Willem-Alexander’s 55th birthday. (Source: IMAGO / PPE)

But not all his compatriots feel like cheering at the thought of Willem-Alexander. Only 47 percent of citizens trust the monarch, compared to 57 percent a year ago. In the Ipsos survey published annually for “King’s Day” on behalf of the public broadcaster NOS, Queen Máxima received slightly better values ​​than in the previous year.

The royal family increasingly did not follow the Corona rules

The reason for the moderate trust was seen that the royal family had not always followed the Corona rules. According to the survey, however, three out of five Dutch people still support the monarchy as a form of government.

Three princesses among themselves: Ariane, Amalia and Alexia (Source: IMAGO / PPE)Three princesses among themselves: Ariane, Amalia and Alexia (Source: IMAGO / PPE)

King Willem-Alexander wore a dark gray suit with a polka dot tie on his special day. Queen Máxima chose a pink dress, which she paired with a beige coat earlier in the day. A large hat completed her outfit. The 15-year-old Princess Ariane had opted for a short, dark blue dress, her older sisters wore colorful pant suits: the 16-year-old Princess Alexia in a striking green, the already adult Amalia a striped model in light shades.



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